Ben & Jerry’s Loves New Orleans!

Ben & Jerry

Terrance and the band go back a long way with Ben & Jerry. Back to the 90’s when their “One World, One Heart” festival drew many thousand to a mountainside in little bitty Warren, VT.  As the poster reads the great Bill Graham was also a partner. We’ve actually been in the business that long that we did several events with Bill Graham Presents. He was one of the good ones.

Ben & Jerry went on to become the title sponsor of Newport Folk Festival in 1988 during a time when the fest was at a crossroads. They saved it! They stayed on with them for the next 11 years, getting them back on their feet financially.

They are treasured friends and we have stayed in close contact with them! When Terrance and the Zydeco Experienced performed at Discover Jazz in Burlington, VT several years ago with Trombone Shorty, Ben & Jerry came on stage with picket signs to roll out StampStampede their wildly successful national effort to stamp money out of politics. They put down their signs and strapped on the metal, and jammed with the band on the zydeco rubboard throughout the performance.

We also support StampStampede, Ben’s effort to #GetMoneyOut!

They love Louisiana, New Orleans and the music of course! So it would only be natural that their Annual Global Franchise Meeting be back in New Orleans next month, and guess who has the great honor of performing for them at a private concert during their conference?

You guessed right, Terrance and the Zydeco Experience will once again be united with the the ice cream kings and cultural icons, Ben & Jerry!


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