Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday Feb. 17, 2015 available now!

Kidz with rubboards

Terrance mardi gras run

Creole Mardi Gras Run, St. Landry Parish, circa 1986

The two time GRAMMY award winning group is on a rare tour of Park City, UT and Washington state in the run  up to Fat Tuesday. They are still available though for Mardi Gras day, Feb. 17th! They could stay in the NW or drop down to CA and even the rocky mountain areas starting Feb. 15th. They could also be transported just about anywhere in North America for a larger Mardi Gras day event. Better grab a date soon though, b/c we just got an inquiry for Feb.19-22. They could potentially do both a school time performance or two, and a big Mardi Gras celebration in your town or city on Feb. 17, 2015! Please click or call 965 Music Group to plan your Mardi Gras celebration!

The photo above is how Mardi Gras in the country used to look like for Terrance Simien, an 8th generation Creole who hails from one of the first families of Louisiana. Terrance is seen here with several of his band mates from the Mallet Playboys on a Creole Courir de Mardi Gras which is often times only associated with the the Cajun culture and rural Mardi Gras traditions. It is also an important celebration for the Creoles. He wrote this song “Creole Mardi Gras Run” describing this colorful activity for his “Creole for Kidz & The History of Zydeco” CD.

“Creoles of Color in the Bayou Country” note the Simien’s as one of the prominent families to settle St. Landry Parish. Simien speaks the Creole French language and sings it even more beautifully. He is one of the most internationally recognized cultural ambassadors for his music and culture, and he has the credentials to back it up.

Their Creole for Kidz & The History of Zydeco school time educational performance for K-12 and lec/dems for college students has reached over 250,000 since its creation almost 15 years ago. It’s been presented all over the globe and has become an important “stealth” teaching tool for educating audiences about a unique and dynamic southern roots music tradition of the mixed race, black French speaking Creoles. It is also a valuable tool for building a culturally literate audience and zydeco music lover who will grow to appreciate and understand American roots music history better.


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