Bethel Woods Center for the Performing Arts/High School Residency

April 18, 2016 Bethel, NY

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Venue : various
State : NY
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E3: Engage, Experience, Explore. We dig that title! Well done Bethel/Education team. This is a week long residency with multiple educational outreach performances and lec/dems in schools working with high school students. There is even a cooking demo conducted by Chef BoyarTee!  it culminates in a public concert performance on April 23rd, in the gorgeous performance center on the sacred grounds of Bethel Farm and the historical 1969 Woodstock Festival. We had the honor of performing at Bethel the 2nd season they were opened and spent some time in the the museum, got the VIP tour by Duke and getting to know the fine people of the Woodstock NY area made for a most memorable experience.

During this residency In April we will have the rare and wonderful opportunity to reach 1000’s of high school students with the music and culture of Louisiana. How progressive is this y’all? Leave it to the smart and hip New Yorkers to keep our traditional American roots music on their programming grid. Counting the days until we’re back on the farm.

Note from management: Reaching high school students with a black American roots music genre from the Deep South is an amazing opportunity, and ranks right there at the top of our greatest accomplishments. We reach a lot of K-5, but don’t always have the opportunity to reach HS and college students.  We’ll always remember the Berklee College of Music Boston lec/dems and performances with their American Roots Music/Afrikan Studies programs. It was such a success that we got a call from the professor from the American Roots Music dept praising the content and Terrance’s/the bands presentation.