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Celebrate Brooklyn

Oh happy day! On June 6, 2015, the group performed at Brooklyn at Prospect Park Bandshell. This is a legendary spot with some of the most diverse music programming around. This year their season gala opened with Chaka Kahn on June 3rd.  Wow. Can you imagine that night of music? We sure can. Must have been supernatural!

Terrance Simien & the Zydeco Experience were next in queue, along with the legendary Dan Zanes. It was a memorable day of music, love and togetherness with 3500-4000 people in attendance. It was a Family Day free concert, so the first part of the set was devoted to Creole For Kidz! and the second part was a mix of old, new, something borrowed and something blue.

One Twitter comment from long time Billboard writer/editor, Thom Duffy during the first half of the performance:

Terrance Simien great family show. Look at the faces of those kids!

That sums it up for us, big thanks Thom! Wait, it’s hard to believe, but it gets even better, there’s just a little bit more to share. We are kind of opposed of over sharing, and try to be mindful not to. However sometimes you just have to pause and share something as wonderful as this!  Nothing makes an artist happier than to have the presenter take a moment to reach out after a performance and weigh in with their thoughts. Done, and done! These comments from seasoned, experienced and knowledgeable programmers mean the world to us and we love them back- crazy love them back and are grateful every day for the opportunity to work with them.  To quote Bob Marley and to “mingle with the good people we meet” and treasure the many “good friends we meet along the way”.

We are deeply honored to call these good people our good friends that we have met along the way:

dear cynthia,

terrance was so, so fantastic . his joyous spirit on stage is totally captivating. two of our very favorite celebrate brooklyn moments were when he sang “War” a capella many years ago and ,yesterday, when he sang “A Change is Gonna Come” R. C


Adding my voice to the chorus Cynthia. Terrance is a national treasure and we are so proud to have been able to present him in brooklyn so many times. J.W.

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